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Arrived at the wedding as a guest, but became a groom!

Believe in luck? It doesn’t matter even if you don’t agree! Because what has to happen will happen, whatever it may be. Even if you do not agree with this But after reading this news you cannot turn your back on the truth. Just tell… if the groom runs away from the wedding, can a family make a guest a groom? The question seemed useless. But brother .. it has happened.

What is the matter?

The case is being reported from a village in Tarikere taluk of Chikmagalur district. Where a groom escaped the night before his wedding due to a girlfriend. However, when the wedding day arrived and the groom was not found, one of the guests who attended the wedding took his place and the woman also married him.

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Two brothers were to be married together

According to the report of our colleague ‘Bengaluru Mirror’, two brothers, Ashok and Naveen, were to be married at the same place on Sunday. On Saturday, Naveen and his upcoming bride Sindhu also took pictures and took blessings from relatives. But, when Sunday i.e. the wedding day came, Naveen went missing.

The groom was threatened by his girlfriend

It is learned that Naveen’s girlfriend threatened him that she would ruin the wedding by drinking poison in front of the guests. So Naveen ran away from the wedding hall and promised his girlfriend that he would meet her in Tumkuru. However, nothing has been revealed since then. Well, when the wedding day came, Naveen’s brother Ashok took seven rounds. While Sindhu’s family was in shock.

Second groom found in wedding hall

In fact, as soon as Sindhu started crying for her fate, her family members decided that they would find the perfect groom for her in the wedding hall itself. Chandrappa is a BMTC conductor by profession, who was also a witness to the incident. In such a situation, Chandrappa expressed his wish that if both the families agree then he is ready to marry Sindhu. The two families met quickly, completed the wedding rituals, and on the same day Chandru and Sindhu became husband and wife.



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