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ATM Cash Withdrawal Rules: If the money does not come out of the ATM, in this situation the bank will give 100 rupees every day! do you know these rules

If you go to withdraw money from ATM and your money is not withdrawn then you can complain about it. If your work is not done even after complaining, then the bank will have to pay money instead.

You go to withdraw money from the bank ATM and many times money is deducted from the account, but the money does not come out. By the way, it is said that even without any complaint, the bank credits that money back to the account in a few days and you can also complain about it. Even after complaining, if your complaint does not work, then the bank has to give it back to you.

What to do if the ATM does not withdraw money and the money is deducted from your account – The customer can make a complaint with the card issuing bank. You can complain even if you transact from ATMs of other banks.

In how many days will the bank settle the complaint? – According to the order of the Reserve Bank of India, banks will have to rectify such mistake within a maximum of 12 working days of receiving the complaint and deposit the money in 12 days.

What to do if no action is taken on complaint within 12 days?- Banks have to pay Rs.100 per day to customers for delay beyond 7 working days from July 01, 2011 of receipt of complaint. It has to be deposited in the customer’s account without the customer’s claim. Any customer shall be entitled to such compensation for delay provided he/she makes a claim with the issuing bank within 30 days of the transaction.

If the money is not returned as requested, what is the option of the customer? – For all such complaints, the customer can lodge a complaint with the Local Banking Ombudsman for non-receipt of response from the bank.

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