Bajaj Allianz Life Has Introduced Video-Based Digital Life Certification: How It Can Benefit For Seniors?

Bajaj Allianz Life Has Introduced Video-Based Digital Life Certification: How It Can Benefit For Seniors?

Video-based Digital Life Certification for their policyholders has been launched by Bajaj Allianz Life. The firm says the annuity pension claim phase will be simplified by this. With this latest initiative, with a convenient video call, senior citizens can now submit their Certificate of Existence (COE) or Life Certificate digitally to the company’s representative. For Bajaj Allianz Life policyholders, the Digital Life Certification will be accessible through its i-SERV video calling facility on WhatsApp. Bajaj Allianz Life now has the service for online submission of the Life Certificate, and specialists now believe it can simplify the annuity pension claim process for its policyholders along with the video-based Digital Life Validation facility. 

The procedure entails the policyholder appearing on video via the i-SERV video calling service of the company on WhatsApp and digitally proving their presence to the official of the organization. With the Digital Life Certification service, the whole process of applying for a Life Certificate has now been made contactless, paperless, and hassle-free, enabling seniors to communicate directly to the company’s officials in a safe and secure context. This operation has been planned to take into consideration the concerns of senior citizens when they do not have to attend the branches of the organisation to submit their Life Certificate during the pandemic.     

For the comfort and support of the customer, the Digital Life Certification service has been launched and also takes into account how technologically inclined consumers have been since the time of the pandemic. The organisation aims to concentrate on supplying our consumers with smart digital solutions while taking into account the new market environment in which they are currently working. The company will reinforce fantastic interaction by integrating basic consumer tech on platforms of which customers are more comfortable and is constantly working to develop for customers.



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