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BB14: Rakhi Sawant broke all limits, started taking off Abhinav’s pants, then Rubina said – stay in limit

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant crosses all limits to show her love to Abhinav. Rubina Dilaiik also gets very angry on this and tells Rakhi to stay within her limits. Actually, Rakhi Sawant pulls the pulse of Abhinav’s shorts walking in the garden.

Contestant Rakhi Sawant has been expressing love for Abhinav Shukla with her sweet and lovely words for the last several episodes of Bigg Boss 14. In a recent episode, she was seen walking in the entire house by writing ‘I Love Abhinav’ in red color on her entire body. She then went into her Julie mode and cut Abhinav’s underwear with scissors.

Now Rakhi Sawant will fire from all these limits and will be seen trying to pull Abhinav’s pants down. In the promo for the upcoming episode, Rakhi will be seen chasing her wherever Abhinav goes. She will express her love for Abhinav but Abhinav will not show any interest in her love. He will try to escape from Rakhi but this attempt fails.

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Abhinav will feel absolutely upset and helpless. In the next scene we see that when Abhinav walks in the garden area flaunting his upper body, Rakhi crosses the line and pulls the pulse of Abhinav’s shorts. Abhinav retreats and protects himself from the action of Rakhi. This action of Rakhi is not tolerated by Rubina Dilayik and she warns Rakhi to stay in limits.

Watch the video of Rakhi and Abhinav here

Rakhi is advised to stay in limits

Rubina says, “Stay in your limits.” Rubina calls him very angry. But Rakhi does not care about Rubina’s anger. There is a debate in its rakhi and rubina. Rakhi tells him that Abhinav will be her husband in real life but in Bigg Boss 14 she is his co-contestant. She tells Rubina that she will continuously do the entertainment she feels. Rubina gets angry on this.




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