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Biden openly supported India, scolded Pakistan, know how US will deal with China, Russia and Iran

US President Joe Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly for the first time. His speech is important because he has clarified the picture of US foreign policy in it.

The biggest concern of China was seen in his speech. He said that America will no longer be the cause of another Cold War. Unlike Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, he has also given a message to reduce rising tensions with China and Russia. Biden has also clarified his policy on the corona virus, terrorism, Afghanistan and Iran. Biden, who is facing the country’s displeasure over the Afghanistan issue, clarified the US policy. Let us know what are the implications of Biden’s speech.

Russia and China eyeing Biden’s speech

Pro. Harsh V Pant says that everyone was waiting for the speech of the US President. The eyes of Russia and China were also fixed on his speech. He said that Biden has in a way set the agenda of US foreign policy at the United Nations. He said that Biden has raised all the burning issues of the world. He has touched upon all aspects that are of concern to the Biden administration.

Biden’s foreign policy is the opposite of Trump

  • Pro. Pant said that Biden’s foreign policy is not as aggressive as that of his predecessor Donald Trump. There is a kind of generosity in it. Trump’s foreign policy focused on encircling the enemy diplomatically and strategically. Then whether it was Iran, Russia or China. Trump’s policy has been aggressive towards these countries. He said that by referring to the new Cold War, Biden has made it clear that he does not want to prepare for any kind of conflict with China. His point is also towards resolving problems with China through dialogue or diplomacy.
  • Pro. Pant said that Biden had pointed to his foreign policy at the time of the presidential election and said that he would have normal relations with China. The problems will be resolved through diplomacy and dialogue. Biden sticks to that policy. After this, Biden did not take any such step that would challenge China. Biden said he does not want to divide the world. This clearly means that he will not encourage a new Cold War under any circumstances.
  • Pro. Pant says that Biden has also adopted a liberal approach towards Iran. However, President Biden has said in a stern tone that he will not allow Iran to become a nuclear-powered country under any circumstances. Pro. Pant said that when Biden says in his speech that the US is committed to preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons, he appears to be following the principled rules of US foreign policy. Trump’s policy in the matter of Iran was very aggressive. He said that Biden wants a solution to the problem of the Korean peninsula on the lines of Iran. He also wants to avoid any dispute on the Korean peninsula. He has indicated in his speech that he wants peace through diplomacy to solve the problem.

Focus on terrorism, message of tough stand

Biden’s strictness was seen against the terrorism spreading in the world. Biden said that terrorism in any form will not be accepted. Without naming Pakistan, he also cautioned the countries supporting terrorism. Prof Pant said that this stand of Biden is in the interest of India. Biden made it clear that those who resort to terror will be our biggest enemies. Pant said that Biden was pointing towards Pakistan, although he did not take his name from the stage.

America guarantees friends to keep friendship

Pro. Pant said that Biden made it clear that he stands with his friends. He said that in this speech, Biden also tried to clear the doubt that he does not support friends. This statement of Biden is useful in this sense, because after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, China had taunted about Taiwan. China had taunted America and said that like Afghanistan, it will betray Taiwan. This policy of Biden is very auspicious for all the American allies including India.

Afghanistan’s issue will be resolved through diplomacy, not war

Pro. Pant said that American citizens must also have been waiting for Biden’s speech regarding the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Pro. Pant says that Biden has made it clear in his speech that now he cannot sacrifice American soldiers in Afghanistan. Pro. Pant said that now the problem of Afghanistan will be solved through diplomacy instead of war. He said that it is clear from Biden’s speech that America’s military power should be its last option and not the first. On the issue of Afghanistan, Biden said that America is battling terrorism today. Biden said in his speech that he had ended 20 years of conflict in Afghanistan. He said that by closing this war, we have opened new doors of diplomacy.

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