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Big News: Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant’s big reveal, Bolin- Husband Ritesh is already married, also has 1 child…

Recently, it was reported that Rakhi Sawant is not married. There is no such person named Ritesh, who is married to Rakhi. She is doing all this only for fun.

The makers of the show are not leaving any chance to make Bigg Boss 14 entertaining. There are millions of fans of this show across the country. When the new contestants could not talk, the show’s ex-contestants were made a challenger and imprisoned in Bigg Boss house. One of these challengers is also named Rakhi Sawant, who is called the queen of entertainment. Meanwhile, a big news has come out that Rakhi Sawant, who has been claiming to be married, has made a very shocking disclosure. Rakhi Sawant says that she has been cheated. Her husband Ritesh is already married.

Rakhi Sawant will disclose this in the episode of Bigg Boss on Wednesday i.e. Wednesday. Talking to Devolina about her husband, Rakhi says that she has saved her egg. There are some reasons, due to which Rakhi and Ritesh cannot be together. Rakhi has told Rahul Vaidya the biggest truth of his life. During this, Rakhi becomes very emotional. Rakhi will reveal to Rahul today that her husband is already married and has a child.

Are Rakhi really married?

Recently, The Khabari in its report claimed that Rakhi Sawant is not married. She is doing all this only for fun. There was a discussion in the media for a long time that Ritesh would enter Bigg Boss, but the report said that this will never happen, because Rakhi has not married a person named Ritesh. Rakhi talks about a person named Ritesh who has been talking for so long, he is faked. The news says that Rakhi is doing only drama in the name of Ritesh and this is just her publicity stunt.

Tired of repeated questions about Rakhi Sawant getting married after such reports surfaced, her brother has revealed that his sister is married and his brother-in-law lives in Poland. Talking to a media portal, Rakhi’s brother Rakesh said, ‘I just want to tell you clearly for the last time that my sister Rakhi is married. My brother-in-law Ritesh is not a fictional character. They live in Poland. When both were married, then both of their families were present in that marriage. My maternal uncle and aunt also attended this wedding, Rakhi need not lie about the marriage. When they had not married, they never pretended to be married.

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Rakhi’s brother also said that not coming in front of the camera is Ritesh Jiju’s personal choice. He is a very private person. He revealed, Riteish was approached by Big Boss Makers too and he is really trying hard to come to India. But his mother i.e. Rakhi’s mother-in-law is also ill and is still under lockdown due to coronavirus in Poland. Because of this, they are not able to join the Big Boss. But Rakesh still hopes that his Ritesh Jiju comes in ‘Bigg Boss 14’.



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