Big news: Driving license can be made even without giving test in RTO, know how?


To meet the shortage of drivers and reduce road accidents, the Ministry of Road Transport has given permission to open a driver training center, from where the test will not have to be given in the RTO after obtaining the certificate.

New Delhi. If you are thinking of getting a driving license, but want to avoid the driving test in RTO, then there is relief news for you. Soon people will be able to get driving license without driving test in RTO. For this, training will have to be taken from the Driving Test Center recognized by the Ministry of Road Transport, after which a certificate will be received from the center. On the basis of this, there will be no need to give test while getting driving license. These accredited tanning centers will start from 1st July 2021. The Ministry of Road Transport has issued orders in this regard.

According to the Ministry of Road Transport, one of the reasons for the accidents in the country every year is the lack of trend drivers. According to the ministry, at present there is a shortage of about 22 lakh drivers in the country. To meet this shortfall and reduce road accidents, the Ministry of Road and Transport has given permission to open driver tanning centers across the country as per the guidelines set. People can open the center according to the standard of the ministry, in which training can be given to the people. Test will be taken after training. The center will give a certificate to those who pass the test, on the basis of which a driving license can be made without giving the test.

Conditions for Driver Training Center The training center will require two acres of land in plains and one acre in hilly areas. Simulator will be mandatory for both LMV and HMV vehicles, through which training will be given. Here broadband connectivity will be necessary for biometric attendance and internet. Driving track will be mandatory for imparting training in parking, reverse driving, downhill driving etc. There will be theory and segmentation courses in this. With the help of simulators in the center, training will be given to drive vehicles in the rain, fog and night in the highway, rural areas, crowded and lane moving places.

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