Big news for pharmaceutical companies – Government can make this announcement regarding Production Linked Incentive Scheme


The government is constantly taking decisions towards making India and the country a manufacturing hub and its effect is beginning to be seen. Soon the Government of India is also preparing to make a big announcement for pharmaceutical companies.

new Delhi. The PLI-Production Linked Incentive Scheme announced for the pharma sector is set to expand. According to sources, the important excipient industry for pharmaceutical manufacturing will also be included in the scheme. Currently, about 70 percent of the excipients are imported. Actually, the Doses of Pill, Capsule or Syrup are prepared by mixing the Excipients with API. Let us tell you that the Modi Government has introduced the Production Linked Incentive Scheme to increase drug manufacturing in India.

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what will happen now- The scope of the PLI Scheme is also expanding to include excipients. Excipient industry important for the pharma sector will also benefit from this. It manufactures BASF India Ltd, Lactose India Ltd, Micro Labs Ltd, Wincoat Colors and Coating Pvt Ltd, ACG Associated Capsule Dow Chemical, Lubrizone Advanced Material India Pvt Ltd, Colorcon Asia Pvt Ltd in India.

What happens Excipients – Pills, Capsules or Dose are formed by mixing APIs in Excipients. If put in easy words, the things that are used to make a medicine eatable are called Excipients. Like API, about 70 percent of the excipients are also imported. There are many types of Raw Materials for making Pharmaceuticals Excipients. It included Starch, Sorbitol, Lactose, Maltose and many Minerals. There are also chemicals like Alcoholal, Xylitol, Propylene oxide, Cellulose Power.


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