Big news : Haryana closes on 25th against agricultural ordinance, farmers warn government of fierce movement

Haryana closes on 25th against

Farmer Protest protested on the roads in Haryana against the 3 Agriculture Ordinance of the Central Government. Haryana closed on 25th and announced meeting in Delhi on 27th September.

Kurukshetra / Fatehabad / Sirsa. Against three agriculture-based ordinances of the central government, in Haryana (Haryana), the mass of farmers came on the streets. As far as the road was being seen, only the farmers (farmers agitation) were seen. Raising slogans against the ordinance of the Center, the farmers warned the government that if the ordinance is not withdrawn, the agitation will become more fierce. Apart from this, farmers also announced to have Haryana Bandh on 25 September. Also, an important meeting was announced in Delhi on 27 September. On this day, farmers will take important decisions against the ordinance.

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Earlier, the road was blocked by the Indian Farmers Union today from 12 noon to 3 pm near Dau Majra village in Shahabad Markanda. A large number of farmers gathered to protest the road blockade and raised slogans against the government. However, during this time the police force was also deployed and there is no news of any violent incident.

Strong performance of farmers in Fatehabad
took Farmer streets in thousands against agricultural ordinance today the central government in Fatehabad. As far as the eye was going, the public was visible. Thousands of farmers, adhatis from all over the district gathered under the grain Mandi shed and traveled towards the small secretariat. Addressing the crowd, farmer and business leaders condemned the government’s decision. Also demanded to repeal all three ordinances with immediate effect. The farmers had said that the government is trying to end the relationship of traders and farmers by bringing these bills. Efforts are being made to make farmers bonded with corporate houses. Due to the demonstration of the farmers, the police controlled the traffic using alternative routes. The protesting farmers, who were jamming, expressed their anger by burning the effigy of the government on the streets.

In Mayyad, the farmers took the Hisar-Delhi highway and in Jam
Mayyad, the farmers protested against the agricultural bills. Shortly after blocking the road for 15 minutes, a long queue of trains started on both sides of the road. However, after this the farmers lifted the jam. Later the farmers shouted slogans by blocking the Jind-Bhiwani road. During this time, a large number of police personnel were deployed to control any unforeseen situation.

National Highway-9 in Sirsa also jammed
Farmers in Sirsa also expressed their displeasure against the three agriculture ordinances of the central government. On National Highway 9, near the village Panjuana, farmers blocked the road and stopped the movement of vehicles for some time. During this, the police-administration instructed the drivers to go through another route. The farmers warned the government that if the government did not withdraw the three ordinances, then in the coming days a fierce movement would be carried out. The protest lasted till 3 pm. During this, while talking to the media, farmer leader Jasvir Singh Bhati said that the farmers and the agents are upset with the government’s ordinance. Bhati warned that the government will have to accept the demands of the farmers.


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