Big news: South Africa team may be banned, stars like Rabada and Deacock will not be able to play international cricket


The team of South Africa was banned in the year 1970.

new Delhi. South Africa’s cricket team is under great threat. On Thursday, the country’s government has suspended Cricket Board of South Africa ‘Cricket South Africa’. The government’s move is against the ICC rules, according to which the government of the country cannot interfere in the cricket board of any country. In such a situation, the ICC can ban South Africa.

South Africa board has been under investigation for a long time
For a long time, the board was facing controversies on issues like racism, corruption and salary of players. The South African Sports and Olympic Committee has written a letter asking all the board officials to step down. SASCOC is the special body of South Africa that acts as a bridge between the country’s government and the Sports Federation. Last year, the South African Sports and Olympic Committee started an investigation into the disturbances spread in Cricket South Africa. This step has been taken against Cricket South Africa only after the investigation results are revealed.

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What are the rules of ICC
According to the rules of the International Cricket Council, in any cricketing country, the organization managing the team should be independent. The government should not control the cricket board in any way over that arrangement. The South African institution which suspended the board is part of the government there, in such a way that their move is in opposition to the ICC rules. The ICC can ban the South African team from international cricket until the matter is resolved against the government’s move.

South Africa may be banned for the second time
, before South Africa, Zimbabwe was also banned due to ICC. If the ICC decides to ban, South Africa will become the first country to be banned for the second time. This team was banned from 1970 to 1990 due to racism. After this, a new strategy was brought in, which ensured everyone got a chance in the team and the ban was lifted.


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