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Big News! What happens to passport, voter ID and PAN card after death, check complete information here

Voter ID card can be canceled after someone’s death. For this, you will have to go to the election office and fill Form-7, as well as you will also need a death certificate to cancel it.

All documents including PAN Card, Voter ID Card, Passport are important. Those who are needed for some work or the other. In such a situation, if these documents are lost, then there is tension. Therefore, we keep these documents very carefully and try that, if there is some deficiency or mistake in these documents, then they can be rectified as soon as possible.

If PAN card, Voter ID card is cut or lost, then it is very important that you apply for a new one by following the process related to it. But do you know that after death, what happens to these important documents, and how do you get these documents closed? Today we will tell you. But before that it is important to keep in mind that, after someone’s death, keep their documents safe, because if they are lost for any reason then there can be trouble for you.


Passport is an important document for traveling abroad, without which you cannot travel abroad. In such a situation, after the death of a person, if you are thinking of canceling their passport, then it is not possible at the moment. Actually, like the Aadhar card, the plan to cancel the passport has not been made yet. But the passport has a time limit after which it has to be renewed. In such a situation, if it is not renewed, then the passport cannot be used anyway.

Keep the passport with you till the deadline for renewal and even after that, so that the passport does not fall in the hands of anyone by mistake. Because this document is used as an address proof, it is necessary to handle it.

Voter ID Card

Every document has its own importance in India, in the same way Voter ID card is also an important document. Along with being a citizen of India, you can vote in elections through this document. Because this is your right too. It can be canceled after someone’s death. For this, you have to go to the election office and fill Form-7. After which this card will be cancelled. But to cancel it, you will need a death certificate.

After someone’s death, keep his voter card, but if the card is lost due to any reason, then it is very important to go and cancel it immediately. Because someone can misuse it at the time of election, then cancel the document.

Pan card

PAN card is very important for filing income tax return, but it can be surrendered after someone’s death. Before that, it is important to keep some things in mind. Actually, till the process of your income tax return is not completed, you should keep it safe. After the process is completed, you can hand over this document to the Income Tax Department only. If you think that the PAN card of the deceased can be useful to you in future, then you can keep it with you.

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