Big opportunity to invest from today, will money be doubled again one day, know here

Big opportunity to invest from today

These IPOs will close on 23 September
While the IPO of Camcon Specialty Chemicals and Cams opens on September 21, it will close on September 23. That is, investors have the opportunity to invest for 3 days.

A look at the IPO of CAMS
Issue Price: Rs 1,229 to Rs 1,230

Issue size: Rs 2,240 crore to Rs 2,242 crore

Issue Date: 21 to 23 September 2020

-Lot Size: 12 shares

How many shares can be applied for
In the IPO of CAMS, where a minimum of 12 shares can be applied, the maximum can be applied for 13 lots i.e. 156 shares. If you do this then you will have to invest around Rs 91,880.

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What is the business of cams

CAMS services registrars and share transfer agents for asset management companies (AMCs) in India. Its functions include opening of mutual fund accounts, KYC of customers, payment and settlement, statement of accounts information and other related services. The work of these services is increasing, it is expected that the IPO of the company can get good success.

Now know about Chemcon Chemical

The issue of Chemcon Chemical has opened for investment on 21 September. Investments can be made in this IPO by 23 September. With this issue, the company wants to raise Rs 2,242 crore. Chemcon Chemical has fixed a price band of Rs 338 to Rs 340 for the shares in its IPO.

What is the minimum amount to be applied for in Chemcon Chemical

Chemcon Chemical has fixed a minimum of 44 shares for the IPO. Based on the upper price of the price band, retail investors will have to shell out Rs 14,960 for 1 lot. At the same time, in this IPO you can apply for a maximum of 13 lots i.e. 572 shares. If you do this then you will have to invest Rs 94,480. Chemcon Chemical plans to raise Rs 165 crore from fresh shares.

When will the shares be held

Allotment of shares of Chemcon Chemical is expected to be completed by Monday i.e. 28 September 2020. Refunds will start from September 29. Shares of the company will come into the demat account of the investors by September 30. These shares will be listed on October 1.



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