Big things from US Presidential Debate: Biden says Trump has increased hatred and racial discrimination


Washington. The first 90-minute official presidential debate between President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Biden over the US presidential election. There will be three such arguments between Trump and Biden before the three November election in the US. The second debate is to be held on 15 October and the third on 22 October. The first presidential debate was moderated by noted Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. Steve Sculley of C-SPAN Networks will conduct the second debate to be held in Miami (Florida) on October 15 and Kristen Welker of NBC News on October 20 in Nashville (Tennessee).

Some big points of debate…

-Trump has often been a personal attack in debates. This time too, Trump targeted Biden’s son Hunter Biden. When Trump raised the issue of Hunter Biden’s drug addiction, Biden also retorted. Biden said, “My son had a drug problem, but he managed to get out of it.” I am proud of my son.

The moderator of the debate questioned why people choose you for the presidency? Trump defended his record for the military. Biden said- America has become the weakest, sickest, poorest, divided and most violent country under Trump’s rule. Biden said that “Trump never keeps to his promise.”

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– A fierce debate broke out between Biden and Trump about the self-destructive mentality. Biden said- ‘Trumps divide people instead of uniting them. Trump is a president who used everything to increase hatred and racial discrimination. ‘

-Trump targeted Biden on the 1994 crime bill and then talked about maintaining law and order. Let me tell you, ‘Incidents of violence against the black community in America are a major issue in the American elections. While Trump accused Biden of breaching law and order and damaging public property, Biden was attacked by Trump for promoting a racial discrimination mindset.

In the debate, the issue of tax evasion on Donald Trump also arose. When Trump was asked questions about non-payment of taxes, he said in his defense, “I don’t want to pay tax.” Trump said that “there are many loopholes in the American system although he also claimed that he paid tax of million dollars in the first year of his presidential term.”

-Trump said, ‘We made PPE kits, got masks. We produced ventilators. We are now just a few weeks away from the vaccine. Very few people are dying of corona. ‘ Trump blamed China for the virus, saying “his administration is being blamed for failing Corona control because of the bad press”.

-Byden said, ‘When the Corona epidemic was spreading, Trump was watching the stock market. Trump forced states to end lockdowns and underestimate the risk of an epidemic. Trump is America’s worst president ever. Trump needs to get off the golf course and work. ‘ Trump replied, ‘We did a great job. Let me tell you that you would never have done such a great job. It is not in your blood.

Trump defended election rallies during the Corona epidemic. Trump said, ‘People want to hear me. My rallies attract about 25,000-30,00 people. At the same time, unlike Trump, who does very few election events in view of the Biden Corona epidemic and is following the corona guidelines.

-America has killed about 2 lakh people due to the corona virus, but Trump is still making fun of wearing masks. Trump joked about Joe Biden wearing a mask. Trump said, ‘I don’t wear masks like Biden. Whenever you see them, they are wearing masks. Maybe he can talk from a distance of 200 feet and he probably wears the biggest mask. ‘

-Byden referred to the advice of the director of America’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention on the use of masks and said that ‘many people will be saved if people follow his advice.’ Trump said in response that “Health officials say the opposite and they are repeating the same”.

-Byden accused Trump of failing to deal with the corona virus epidemic in America and said- ‘The Trump administration had made no preparations. The highest death occurred in America because the government was careless about the dangers of the epidemic and did not make any plans. Trump said, ‘His government faced Corona very effectively. The death toll is the highest because the US is giving the correct data while China, Russia and India are not giving the correct figures of death.

-Byden also attacked Trump on the Corona vaccine. Said, ‘Trump put pressure on scientists to make the vaccine as soon as possible. I don’t trust Trump at all. ‘ Responding, Trump said, “Soon you will have the vaccine.”

Within 18 minutes of Biden, Biden turned to Trump and shouted, “Will you shut up?” Trump continued to talk, ignoring Biden. Said, ‘People know that in 47 years you have done nothing.’

– Trump has announced the appointment of a judge to the Republican Legislature in the Supreme Court before the presidential election in the United States. This will help Trump eliminate healthcare. On the question related to this, Trump said, ‘Let me tell you straight, we have won the election. Election results. We have the Senate. ‘ Defending Amy Connie Barrett’s election to the Supreme Court, Trump said, “She is the best in every way.” I think she will do well. ‘

– On the Supreme Court questioning the appointment of Judge Amy Barrett of the Republican ideology, Trump said, ‘We have won the election. Election has many consequences.

-Donald Trump and Joe Biden did not join hands following social distancing due to the corona virus.

Biden gets weapon against Trump

It is being told that just before the debate, Biden had found a great weapon against Trump. The New York Times has revealed in its report that 10 out of the last 15 years Donald Trump has paid no tax, while he has been a real estate veteran and a successful businessman. Trump paid tax of just $ 750 in both 2016 and 2017. Although President Trump has dismissed it in a press conference as a fake news, it will not be easy for Trump to avoid questions related to it in the debate.

Hillary Clinton also accused Trump of tax evasion

During the 2016 US presidential debate during the last presidential election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton also accused Trump of tax evasion, saying that Trump did not release his tax statistics because of a dollar. Tax is not paid.

Debate this time is completely different

Because of the corona virus epidemic, this time debates were kept very different. Neither Trump nor Biden would join hands in this debate going on in Cleveland, nor was the audience as before. This time the debate had only 70 people as audience. Every person who attended the event was corona tested.

Vice Presidential Debate will be held on October 7

The second presidential debate will be held on October 7 at Utah University in Salt Lake City. It will be operated by USA Today’s Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page. There is only one month left for the US presidential election. During this, the approval rating is being seen. Donald Trump is seen trailing in it. His opponent and candidate from Democratic Party Joe Biden is leading 10 points. Biden continues to lead the Corona virus epidemic and healthcare issues. However, Trump is ahead in taking tough measures against China.


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