Big update: After the rap of the mistress, the parrot said something like this on the murder became the main witness; know the whole matter

The parrot is the main witness in a rape and murder case in Argentina. The parrot’s testimony was also done in the court and on the basis of that the accused can be convicted. Elizabeth Toledo, 46, was murdered after being raped. His parrot was present there when this incident happened. Therefore, the prosecution has presented him before the court as the main witness.

According to The Sun’s report, Elizabeth Toledo lived in a rented house with two other people. The police found Elizabeth’s body in their house itself. The police suspected that the people living with the deceased may have carried out the incident. He could not get anything special in the interrogation, but now the parrot’s testimony can bring punishment to the culprits.

It has been told in the report that a policeman present at the spot had heard the parrot speaking something. After which he felt that Parrot’s testimony could turn the case around. Police told the court in San Isidro, Argentina, that the parrot was speaking what may have been the last words of his mistress. Neighbors also heard him say ‘No, please, let me go, why did you kill me’.

Police believe that Elizabeth Toledo must have said this to the accused before she died, which she remembered the parrot and later started repeating it. Police have registered a case against 53-year-old Miguel Rollan and 65-year-old Jorge Alvarez. If both are found guilty, they could be sentenced to life imprisonment. In addition to the parrot’s testimony, the police got some details of the deceased. Some important clues have also been found from the report. Elizabeth Toledo was murdered in December 2018 after being raped.



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