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Bigg Boss 14: Allegations of bias against Salman Khan, Vindu Dara Singh spoke about the actor

Bigg Boss 14 Update: Salman Khan (Salman Khan) is facing allegations of bias. Meanwhile, former Contestant Vindu Dara Singh has come in support of the actor. He said that Salman does not favor.

New Delhi: ‘Bigg Boss 3’ winner Vindu Dara Singh who is all set to step into the show’s ongoing 14th season as a connection to challenger Rakhi Sawant at Family Week. Vindu Dara Singh says that the host of the show Salman Khan is not the kind of person who is partial to any householder. In a recent episode, contestant Rubina Dilac said that Salman supports Bigg Boss 14 contestant Ejaz Khan. Social media users also called him biased to support Rakhi Sawant’s antics against Abhinav Shukla.

Salman is not biased’
In response to this comment, Vindu Dara Singh submitted a claim. Vindu said, ‘The host is never biased and Salman Khan is not a person who is biased towards anyone. He does his work and he practices religion.

Vindu Dara Singh favors Salman

He said, ‘It happens in Big Boss that Salman Khan is not speaking or is saying what his heart wants. There is a team there, which watches 24 hours of footage of Bigg Boss. Therefore, Salman is saying whatever he wants. He just cannot take anyone’s side.

Vindu Dara Singh further said, ‘Salman Khan several times asked Bigg Boss to send this person inside and that person has not gone inside. Therefore, Salman is a host and he should listen to the artists and know what the truth is.

Today will be the weekend’s war
Let me tell you, the weekend episode of Bigg Boss 14 is coming. Salman Khan will be seen reprimanding the members of the house. They have always been supportive of Rakhi Sawant, but this time they will also beat them. Also, we will ask Rakhi to come out of the house. Now it will be a matter of seeing whether Rakhi goes out of the house or not. At the same time, today it can also be clear whether Ijaz will return home.




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