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Bigg Boss 14: friend rebukes Nikki Tamboli for calling Sonali Phogat a ‘poor woman’, said this

In the latest episode of ‘Monday Ka Vaar’ of Bigg Boss 14, there was a heated debate between Nikki Tamboli and Sonali Phogat over the food plate. During this debate, Nikki called Sonali a ‘poor woman’. Sonali’s friend and political adviser Sudhir Sangwan has reacted to this.

Bigg Boss 14’s latest ‘Monday’s War’ episode saw a heated debate between Contestant Nikki Tamboli and Sonali Phogat after she was nominated for the episode. Nikki kept her food in the bedroom area and Sonali was asking to pick it up and keep it in the kitchen. But Nikki said that she will first remove her makeup and then remove the food plate from here.

Nikki suddenly shouts at Sonali Phogat about such a thing. After which there is a heated debate between Nikki and Sonali. During this debate, Nikki calls Sonali a ‘poor woman’. Apart from this, Nikki also says that Sonali has not got a sense in the weekend episode of War.

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Friends and political advisors came in support of Sonali

Nikki is being greatly supported on social media. At the same time, Sudhir Sangwan, Sonali’s close friend and political advisor, has targeted Nikki Tamboli for misbehaving. Sudhir condemned Nikki for calling Sonali a ‘poor woman’ and said that there is no surprise in this because when Nikki is at her house, she talks to her parents in the same way.

No way to talk

Sudhir Sangwan said, “If Nikki cannot respect a woman, at least be of age. Sonali is many years older than Nikki. She has more experience than Nikki. She is in the Vidhan Sabha and contests elections. . Nikki is now 23 and does not have the capacity to talk to people. I do not know whether her family members have given any rites or not. When she is speaking like this in front of 120 crore people of the country, in her house She would also tell her parents this way. ”




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