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Bigg Boss 16: Tina Dutta said ‘dirty talk’ for Sumbul, ex-contestant told TV’s real ‘vampire’

New Delhi: As soon as Bigg Boss 16 started, many couples were formed in the house, one of which is Tina Dutt and Shaleen Bhanot. Although their love story seems fake to most of the people. They say that they are faking for the camera. On the other side is Sumbul who is said to be madly in love with Shaleen. In front of Salman Khan, Tina was seen proving how Sumbul is crazy for Shaleen.

Tina put the blame on Sumbul

Recently, after leaving Salman Khan’s show, Tina made a lewd comment about Sumbul in front of Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. Tina said that when Shaleen takes off her clothes, Sumbul stares at her a lot. She said that when ‘TV’s tamarind’ was thrown into the pool on her birthday, Shaleen was changing clothes when she came out and Sumbul was looking at her like this. This same thing of Tina is now making people angry on social media.

Tina Dutta trolled

Tina Dutta has created such an image of Sumbul in the house that she is madly in love with Shaleen. Uttaran fame actress said that Shaleen Bhanot likes to show her abs only for me. Even after saying so much, Tina only says that she and Shaleen are good friends. Bigg Boss ex-contestant VJ Andy has also been enraged by Tina Dutta’s statement. She wrote in tweeting that Tina has become a complete vamp in the show and she is the next vampire of the small screen.

Sumbul’s father gave courage to her daughter

Tell that Sumbul’s father got angry with these words of Tina Dutta and she asked her daughter to teach everyone a lesson. She said that these people who are taking advantage of you and are also accusing you, she said that show these people their status and kick them straight in the face. Tina’s mother was annoyed by this talk of Sumbul’s father.

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There will be an uproar on Friday

As a result, this Friday Shaleen Bhanot’s parents, Tina’s mother and Sumbul’s father are going to appear on the show. For the past several days, talks were going on about Bigg Boss being biased that people were asking questions as to why only Sumbul’s father comes on the show again and again.

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