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Bo*ld Web Series: When Papa was furious after seeing the bo*ld scenes of Anveshi Jain, the actress ran home crying after a call

Anveshi Jain thought that if she will work in ‘Gandi Baat 2’ then no one will know. The news will not reach even her father. But when Anveshi’s father saw her bo*ld scenes in this adult web series, he got furious and stopped talking to the daughter.

Ever since OTT has dominated, all kinds of content has become flooded. OTT has also brought back the days of those actors, who either had forgotten or were not getting work on the big screen. OTT today is full of family dramas to mystery thrillers and adult content. There are many such web series, in which bo*ld scenes not only made people sweat, but also created a lot of ruckus on them. One such web series came ‘Gandii Baat 2’. It had very bo*ld scenes between Anveshi Jain and Flora Saini. There was also a lesbian scene, which created a lot of ruckus.

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Papa did not talk for months, Anveshi Jain had disclosed

These scenes of ‘Gandi Baat Season 2’ brought an uproar in the life of Anveshi Jain. She ran home crying on the middle of the road as soon as she got the call of her parents. Anveshi’s parents had not spoken to her for months. This was disclosed by the actress in an interview given to ‘Tele Chakkar’ in 2020.

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Anveshi Jain ran home crying as soon as her father’s call came

When Anveshi Jain was asked about her parents’ reaction to her bo*ld scenes in ‘Gandii Baat 2’, she said, “That was a very bad dream, which I don’t want to miss. I thought that it would not reach my parents or my hometown that I have done any bo*ld scenes in ‘Gandii Baat 2’. But the matter has arrived. I was in the gym when Papa’s call came. They talked on the phone and I started crying. I reached home crying and running on a traffic-filled road. I was crying even while running.

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kept writing the letter but no answer came, papa stopped talking

Anveshi Jain had further said, ‘I wrote a letter to my father the next day but he did not reply. A week later wrote a letter again. I kept writing letters to my father every month. The last letter I wrote to her was of 5 pages. In that I tried to explain in detail to Papa and also assured that I have not done any wrong thing. I explained to her that when I had come to Mumbai, I did not have a single rupee in my pocket. I didn’t take any help from them.

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Anveshi Jain’s relationship with her father improved

However, later Anveshi Jain’s relationship with her parents improved. The investigator also took them abroad for a tour. Talking about career, Anveshi Jain worked in ‘Gandi Baat 2’ apart from ‘Baap of Special Services’ and ‘Gandi Baat’.

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