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Aadhar card of children must also be made. If your child’s base is not formed, then many tasks can be interrupted.

Aadhaar card has become necessary for everyone in today’s era. Aadhar card of children must also be made. If your child’s base is not formed, then many tasks can be interrupted. Today we are telling you what are the benefits of making children Aadhaar and what documents are required for this.
Benefits of making children Aadhaar card

  • Aadhaar will serve as the identity card of the child. Neither a driving license nor a voter ID card is produced for children. In such a case, Aadhaar is their identity card. This will work in government institutions as well as private institutions also cannot deny it.
  • Aadhaar number is also being sought in the school at the time of admission. The children who do not have Aadhaar are instructing the school to make Aadhaar card in a fixed time.
  • Aadhar card will be of great use for the government programs, scholarship. Aadhaar is also necessary for children’s savings accounts.
  • Passports with Aadhaar for children can also be used as government-issued identification cards, but the number of people holding passports in the country is quite small.

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Know which documents are required for children under years of age to get it made

  • A document showing a parent or guardian’s relationship with the child, such as the child’s birth certificate or hospital-issued discharge card / slip
  • Parent / parent’s basis
  • Whenever you go to get the child’s base, then take the original copy of both these documents with you.

Document for children between and 15 years

  • If there is no document in the name of the child, then a document showing his relationship with the parents, such as a birth certificate.
  • If there is a document in the name of the child, then a valid ID and address proof such as school ID will have to be given. Here is the list of valid offers. Https://
  • The basis of one of the parents.

Keep these things in mind 

  • Biometric details of children below 5 years of age are not taken, only photographs are taken.
  • Children under 5 years of age do not develop biometrics ie fingerprints and pupil of eyes.
  • When the child is five years old, his biometrics details are taken.
  • As the child grows up, his biometrics change. It is important to update these details when the child is 15 years old.
  • Updation of children’s biometrics is free
  • No document required for biometrics updation. Only take the child with his / her Aadhaar card to the Aadhaar center.

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