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Viral Video: Seeing the 36-inch groom and 34-inch bride, people said – Rab ne bana di jodi!

Wedding News: Spectacular pictures of the bride and groom are becoming fiercely viral on social media. People are very fond of it. This case is from Bhagalpur, Bihar, where a 36-inch groom married a 34-inch bride.

Bride Groom Wedding Video: It is said that only the upper one sends a pair. Many times we hear from the people around that a boy or a girl is being seen for marriage, but their relationship is confirmed only where it is written. One such case has come to light from Bhagalpur district of Bihar, where a 34-inch bride was married to a 36-inch bridegroom. Why were you not surprised? Let us tell you what is the whole matter.

Thousands of people arrived to take part in the unique wedding

In Bhagalpur, Bihar, there was an occasion of a unique wedding, in which thousands of people arrived to bless both the bride and the groom, that too without any invitation. This unique marriage took place in Bhagalpur and after taking seven rounds, this marriage became a topic of discussion everywhere. In this marriage, the groom is 36 inches and the bride is 34 inches. To see this wedding, thousands of baraatis joined without invitation and everyone also took selfies with the bride and groom. Why not take it? After all, what he was seeing with the eyes of a most unique marriage.

Great discussion of unique marriage across the country

In this wedding, the band baaja and the procession were everything as it is usually seen in weddings, but this unique wedding is being discussed tremendously across the country. Mamta Kumari, daughter of Kishori Mandal, resident of Abhiya Bazar of Navagachia, is 24 years old. On the other hand, Munna Bharti, the son of Masaru resident Bindeshwari Mandal, is 26 years old. The unique marriage of these two was completed with full customs.

Both were married with the consent

After this unique marriage, when the bride and groom reached Masaru village in Sabour block, the in-laws gave a grand welcome to Mamta and wished both of them a bright future. At the same time, regarding the marriage, the bride and groom told that both of them told their wishes to their family and with their consent, both of them got married. Mamta and Munna told that both are very happy with their marriage and after marriage they are looking very good meeting each other.

The atmosphere of excitement in the whole village due to marriage

Let us tell you that Munna also gives dance classes in a private dance academy. At the same time, there is a lot of enthusiasm in the whole village due to the marriage of both, and the people around said that usually such people are made fun of in the society, but Mamta and Munna said, we do not care about it, we are ahead of us. That we will live life with each other with pride.



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