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Bride threw the groom’s sweets from the wedding stage, even the groom did not lag behind; Answer given like this

Funny Wedding Video: One such video of the wedding ceremony is going viral. In which both the bride and the groom clashed on the stage itself. Instead of eating the groom’s sweets, the bride threw it among the guests, then the groom also refused to drink water from the bride’s hands.

Funny Wedding Video: It is normal to have laughter in marriage. When the bride and groom wear each other’s garland, a very romantic atmosphere is created. However, sometimes it happens that all the fun of marriage becomes gritty. Something similar happened in a wedding, in which the bride did such an act that her video went viral on social media.

The bride threw the groom’s sweets

In this video going viral on social media YouTube, it is seen that both the bride and groom are standing on the stage. Both have already garlanded each other. After this, the ritual of sweetening each other’s mouth and drinking water is going on. The bride is probably upset about something. When the groom extends his hand to feed her sweets, she takes the sweets from her hand and throws them towards the guests.

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The groom overturned the glass of water

After this it is the turn of the groom. The bride raises the glass towards her groom’s mouth to give him water. Then the groom, expressing anger, overturns the glass and spills the water. After this, the anger of the already angry bride flares up. She also throws the empty glass at the guests in anger.

Video went viral on social media

Many people initially consider this fierce avatar of the bride to be a joke, but when they come to know the reality, they are surprised. However, in the video it is not clear till the end what the bride was upset about and what she got angry about. At the same time, many people were seen expressing sympathy with the groom. One user said that it is only the beginning. Look ahead, what happens.



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