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Bride was chubby, touched her husband’s feet in unique style, the people present there started laughing, watch the video

Bride Groom Video: Lagna and marriage is a very sacred bond, just like a festival and when this festival comes, social media becomes a rage, even if it is Bollywood. Many interesting photos and videos are seen on social media in a fun-filled manner. Recently a video related to this has surfaced which is happening fast on social media.

When you watch this video, you will not be able to stop your laughter and later you will get emotional, there have been many likes and comments on this and it has been shared to a great extent.

As people meet in a very fun-filled manner at the wedding and there are many beautiful scenes, similarly by watching this viral video, you will understand what is going on in the wedding fashion these days, how the bride and groom wear each other on the stage. appear to have happened.

A post shared by Niranjan Mahapatra (@official_viralclips)

In this video you will see that after the completion of all the rituals related to the wedding, the groom garlands the bride. After that, when the bride goes to seek blessings by touching her husband’s feet, then an atmosphere of laughter is created and all the people laugh happily.

It happens that the bride is chubby and she bends down to seek blessings and the bride sits on her knees and takes blessings by placing her forehead on the feet of the groom, seeing this sight, people first laugh and then become emotional when the groom greets the bride. lifts up.

After that in the video you can see that the groom fills the vermilion on the bride’s demand and the bride starts dancing happily. This view is very beautiful and people are liking this video very much as well as commenting. The comment box is full of praise and is being shared a lot.

This video has been shared on the page named Official Work Lips, which is becoming increasingly viral, people are liking it a lot and are also commenting.



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