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Bride wore 24 carat gold dress in the wedding, the senses of the viewers were blown away.

Bride Dress: Pictures of a bride’s dress made of 24 carat gold are making a lot of headlines on social media. The bride wore a dress made of gold on the special occasion of her wedding. Seeing the bride in a gold dress, people’s senses were blown away.

Bride’s 24 Carat Gold Dress: Wedding is a special moment for everyone. To make this moment more special, the bride dreams of looking the most beautiful in the wedding. At the same time, the choice of the bride is also seen differently for the wedding lehenga. Now an example of this has come to the fore.

The bride wore a golden gown

Every bride wants her wedding dress to be memorable. For this, the bride spends a lot of money on her dress in the wedding. To prove this to be true, a bride wore a 24-carat gold gown at her wedding. Which was looking quite beautiful.

The pictures of the bride and her dress are going viral on social media. The bride’s name is Kayla. Kayla, who appeared on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, describes how she’s going from gorse to gypsy by marrying Timmy, 24.

The bride says that she has always dreamed of a nice and understated wedding dress. The bride’s mother-in-law inspired the bride a lot for such a dress. Timmy’s mom Linda encouraged her daughter-in-law to walk down the aisle in a blinged-out gown.

Dress made for the first time

At the same time, the dress designer Sondra Seely was entrusted with the responsibility of designing this wedding dress. Although before this no such dress was designed by Saundra. However, when the order to make a 24-carat gold gown was received, Saundra took it as a challenge.

However, Saundra worked hard and put her mind to design this dress. Only then this dress could be ready. At the same time, when the bride wore this dress, people’s senses were blown away. he kept on seeing the bride. Earlier, people had not seen a complete dress made of gold.



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