BSNL’s Dhansu offer, Google’s great product getting Rs 99

BSNL has brought amazing offers for its users. The company is giving users the opportunity to buy Google Nest Mini for Rs 99 and Monthly Rental Nest Hub for Rs 199. This offer of BSNL started on May 23 will be valid for 90 days.
New Delhi is good news for
BSNL users. The company is offering Google Nest Mini for Rs 99 per month to its users and Google Nest Hub device for Rs 199 per month. This EMI will last for 13 months. Users who have opted for broadband DSL or the annual payment option of Bharat Fiber Service can avail this offer of the company.

For 90 days, the
offer has reduced the price of Google Nest Mini from Rs 3,999 to Rs 1,287 (99×13). On the other hand, you can buy Nest Hub coming in the price of Rs 8,999 (199×13) i.e. Rs 2,587. This promotional offer, which started from May 23, will be valid for 90 days.

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offer for users making special annual payments
. The benefit of this offer is being given to the same users who will make an annual payment of the broadband plan. To buy Google Nest Mini in the offer price, users need to subscribe to a monthly rental plan of at least Rs 799. At the same time, to buy Google Nest Hub in a promotional offer, users have to make an annual payment of their plan. To buy Google Nest Hub in the offer, you will have to take an annual subscription of Rs 1999 plan. Big fraud happening through WhatsApp, this special feature is in the alert Nest Mini with the vicious tricks of hackers

Talking about the feature, in addition to playing songs from Google Nest Mini, you can get weather information, set alarms and also listen to podcasts. Google Nest Mini also supports Hindi language and you can control smart devices present in your home with it.


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