Business Idea: Start this business with government help in just Rs 15,000, earning up to 1 lakh


Business Plan: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the business of many people in the world has been snatched away. Many types of businesses have collapsed all over the country. But if you want, you can start your own business. The government will give full support to you in this. The government also gives loans at affordable rates under the Mudra Loan Scheme. The Modi government is giving an opportunity to revive the closed business or business. But first you should know which business you can start.

The need for sanitary napkins is everlasting

The demand for sanitary napkins is very high in the market. If its business is done, then no businessman will ever be in loss. At the same time, the government will help you to start it. To start a sanitary business, you will need only Rs 15,000.

Government will give loan under Mudra Loan Scheme

If you want to start the business of sanitary napkins, then the government also gives loans at cheap rates under the Mudra Loan Scheme on its behalf. By starting this business, the common man can earn up to 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees, while the profit starts from next year.

15 thousand rupees will have to be invested after the loan itself

If you are producing 180 packets per day, then at least Rs 1.45 lakh will be spent on that unit. Also, for this, you can take a loan of 90 percent i.e. Rs 1.30 lakh from the Mudra scheme, in which you will have to invest 15 thousand rupees separately.

Business Project of Sanitary Napkin

For this the government has started a project. According to the project, soft touch sealing machine, napkin core dye, UV treat unit, defibration machine, core morning machine will have to be installed for the sanitary napkin unit. The cost of all these items works out to Rs 70,000. After purchasing the machine, arrangements for raw materials like wood pulp, top layer, back layer, release paper, gum, packing cover will have to be made. The raw-material purchase will cost Rs 36,000.

There will be a benefit of more than 1 lakh in a year

Before starting this project, everyone will think that how much benefit will be given to it. Let us tell you that if you keep your unit running for 300 days in a year, then you can produce about 54,000 (180×300=54,000) sanitary napkin packets. If we look at its total cost, then the annual expenditure is Rs 5.9 lakh. According to the report, the budget of a packet of sanitary napkins is Rs 13, so the total sale will be Rs 7 lakh. This means 1 lakh rupees can go in your pocket.

start business in small room

Not much planning will be required to start this business. All you need is a small room to start this. For example, sanitary napkin units can be installed even in a room of 16×16 square feet.


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