Check Petrol Price in Andhra Pradesh Today

Check Petrol Price in Andhra Pradesh Today

As crude oil prices have been showing a firm trend, it is noticed that the Petrol price in Andhra Pradesh has been changing a lot. Since petrol and diesel prices fluctuate daily and it makes sense to check today’s petrol price in Andhra Pradesh to save some money on your next long trip.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the most popular states located in South India. It is the eighth largest state in terms of area in the country with an estimated population of over 4 crores inhabitants. The state stands in the tenth position in terms of population in the country. In the year 2014, the state was divided into two parts, separating the northwestern part of Andhra Pradesh and presently known as Telangana. With the rising population, the number of vehicles in the city is on a rise too. With the increased number of two-wheelers and four-wheeler automobiles in the city, the usage of fuel is on a rise. Here is a detailed description of today’s fuel price in Andhra Pradesh.

Cities Petrol Price Diesel Price
Guntur INR 107.92 INR 99.7
Hyderabad INR 105.71 INR 98.02
Kakinada INR 108.18 INR 99.89
Kurnool INR 108.27 INR 100.02
Nellore INR 108.33 INR 100.03



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