China’s new move to encircle India, will sell its evergreen friend Pakistan a modern vessel and submarine


In order to deal with the increasing military power from India, China has now started strengthening its Evergreen friend Pakistan. He is going to give his Navy a modern weapon soon.

Beijing: China (China) is constantly strengthening the military capability of its evergreen friend Pakistan (Pakistan) to surround India (India). He is going to sell modern ships and submarines to his Navy. Whose main target will be India.

Pakistan will buy 4 warships and 8 submarines from China

According to sources, Pakistan ( Pakistan ) his evergreen friend China (to make its navy modern and enhancing its maneuverability China four modern war) is to purchase the vessel and eight submarines. Pakistan Navy Chief gave this information. According to the information, China presented the second type 054 A / P multipurpose naval missile vessel for the Pakistan Navy meeting held on 29 January. The cruise ship, which is a cruise missile, is a major part of the Navy of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China and currently has 30 such vessels in its service.

Battle ships are equipped with long-range missiles

The Type 054A (on which Type 054A / P is based) is the most modern war vessel in China, according to Chinese naval experts. The vessel is equipped with modern radar systems and long-range firepower missiles. Pakistan’s Admiral M. Amjad Khan Niazi told Chinese government newspaper Global Times that as part of the military’s modernization process, the Pakistan Navy is removing its old ships and equipment and buying new ones from friendly countries. Along with this, technology is also being transferred to the country for their construction.


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