China’s new moves against Taiwan, more troops deployed on southeast coast


The Chinese Army has increased the personnel of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on the southeast coast, preparing for an attack on Taiwan.

China, which has taken steps under bad intentions on its neighbors including India and Nepal, has made a new move regarding Taiwan. The Chinese army has increased the personnel of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on the southeast coast while preparing to attack Taiwan. According to sources, China is replacing its old missile DF-11S and DF-15S with the most modern hypersonic missile DF-17 deployed in that area. According to the Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post, the DF-17 hypersonic missile will gradually replace the old DF-11S and DF-15S, which were deployed on the southeast coast. (Photo hundred. Getty)\

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Sources said, the range of new advance missiles of China is much more than the previous one and is in the target to hit the target with more accuracy. Even though Taiwan has never been controlled by the Chinese ruling party, China has been calling Taiwan a part of its border. According to the Canada-based Kanwa Defense Review, satellite photographs show that both the Marine Corps and the Rocket Force Base of Fujian and Guangdong have expanded. (Photo 100 News 18 English)

Every rocket force brigade in Fujian and Guangdong is now fully armed, the report said. It was further stated that the size of some missiles of Eastern and Southern Theater Command has also doubled in recent years. This shows that the PLA is preparing for war against Taiwan. (Photo 100 News 18 English)

On Tuesday, during a visit to the military base in the Chinese province of Guangdong, the Chinese president instructed soldiers to put their minds and energy into preparing for war, according to Xinhua. During an inspection of the PLA’s Marine Corps in Chaozhou city, Xi asked soldiers to maintain a state of high alert and called them absolutely loyal, absolutely pure, and absolutely reliable. Let me tell you, in recent years China has increased military practice around Taiwan. About 40 Chinese warplanes crossed the line between the mainland and Taiwan on 18–19 September. (Photo 100 News 18 English)



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