Chinese army and media open poll, drone not mules, goods being transported to Ladakh


Beijing The Chinese media continues to make such claims in which the Chinese Army (PLA) is promoted to be modern and stronger than other countries. One such claim was made by China’s official newspaper Global Times in the past. It was said that the Chinese army is being sent goods through modern drones all over the Ladakh border. However, a few days later, the Global Times posted a photo in which goods were being delivered to the Chinese Army through mules.

Since the India-China standoff, the Chinese Army has been deployed in large numbers in Ladakh. Chinese government media used to claim delivery of arms and food to the soldiers from drones. Despite the claims of the Global Times, the truth is that these days the Chinese Army is supplying military equipment and logistics to the forward location through donkeys and mules along the border with India in Tibet. The Global Times itself has published the report of this ‘mission mule’ of the Chinese Army.

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Logistics accessing mules The Global Times reports that the Chinese military’s Tibetan militia transport units are also using mules and horses as a practical approach to supply them in difficult environments located at higher elevations along the border. The supply unit of the Tibetan Militia Soldier in Rutog County, Nagri province of the Tibet Autonomous Region of Southwest China, is supplying logistical support to soldiers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The Rutog County Party Committee and the government of the Chinese Communist Party have issued orders to deliver goods and ammunition to Chinese soldiers at all costs.

Earlier, the Global Times wrote that the PLA is using advanced technologies such as drones to provide logistic support for troops deployed in remote areas. In some places where large quantities of supplies are required, traditional tools such as mules and horses are more practical than helping them. However, China has not yet released any video on how to deliver troops through drones.


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