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Claim: Corona’s peak will come from May 11 to 15, active cases will be near 35 lakhs

According to the study done by scientists on the increasing case of Corona Infection through mathematical models, according to the study, the active cases of Corona will reach 33 to 35 lakhs around May 15.

New Delhi. Corona infection is spreading rapidly in the country. The second wave of Corona is proving more dangerous than before. Considering the growing case of Corona, scientists have estimated that between 11 and 15 May Corona Peak will be on. According to the study done by scientists on the growing case of corona infection through mathematical models, around May 15, the active cases of corona will reach between 33 to 35 lakhs.

Corona infectionIn view of this, scientists have estimated that the number of corona infected patients in India will increase further. Scientists said that if the same trend was predicted last year, the number of corona-infected patients would increase by three times the number of corona patients by the middle of May. Let me tell you that on September 17 last year, Corona was on the peak, but this year the situation seems to be getting much worse.

Looking at the condition of Corona so far, it can be said that the number of new cases will be at the peak during April 25-30 in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Telangana. Similarly, Odisha, Karnataka and West Bengal will be on May 1 to 5 while Corona Peak will be in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh during May 6-10. Corona is already at its peak in Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. Similarly, the Corona in Bihar will be at its peak around 25 April.

Scientists said that we have been keeping an eye on the speed of the corona. Corona infection is increasing every day. During May 1-5, approximately 3.3 to 3.5 lakh new corona will be infected per day while between 11-15 May it will be at the peak of corona with an active case of 33-35 lakh.

Corona Active India At The Leading Case

Across the country, the corona virus is becoming the worst situation. Every day Corona is breaking its own record. On Wednesday, 3 lakh 14 thousand 835 new infected were found in 24 hours. Since the onset of the Corona epidemic, this number of infected in one day is the highest in the world. Before this, America had the record of getting the most new infected in one day in the world. On January 8, 2021, 3 lakh 07 thousand 570 new infected were found in America, but now India has gone ahead in this matter.

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Parvesh Maurya
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