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Corona third wave: How Children Can Be Saved From Infection In The Third Wave Of Corona

Corona third wave: A third wave of corona is possible in the country and the world. Scientists and researchers are constantly warning that children will be more affected by the infection in the third wave. However, the central and state governments have already started making preparations for this at the domestic level. Experts are of the opinion that mild symptoms of corona are seen in children. Despite this, it is necessary to protect them from infection. To protect children from infection, ICMR’s task force committee knows important measures from Negvac expert Dr NK Arora…

In many states, children are also getting infected with corona. Is the impact of the transition on them greater in the second wave?

Like older people, children are also more vulnerable to corona infection. In the recent sero survey, it has come to the fore that in the second wave, 2-5 percent of children have been affected by corona. The surprising thing is that its symptoms were also found in children below 10 years of age. According to the data of the first wave, 3-4 percent of children were infected at that time. However, in the second wave, corona infection was seen more among children.

Is the infection more severe in children during the second wave?

In children, there are mild symptoms of infection or they are asymptomatic. If more than one member in a family is infected, then the risk of children becoming positive has been high. The satisfactory thing is that in such cases, the age of infected children has been seen below 10 years. They were found to have very mild symptoms of corona like common cold or diarrhea etc. In contrast, children with heart disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer and immunosuppressants showed severe infections.

When children are infected, treatment is separated from adults?

Children with mild symptoms may be given paracetamol for fever. If there is a complaint of diarrhea, then oral dehydration food and adequate amount of liquid can be given. Seriously infected children are treated in the same way as adults. In case of difficulty in breathing, excessive cough, difficulty in drinking milk, hypoxia, high fever, skin rash, sleeping for a long time or unusual symptoms, one should immediately contact the doctor. The surprising thing is that long covid cases are seen in children. After 3 to 6 months of recovery from the infection, new diseases like diabetes and hypertension arise. The parents of such children should be in constant touch with the doctors even after recovering from the corona.

If the child is found positive even if the parents are not infected, what is the remedy?

This is possible only when the child has got the infection from the home bar. In such a situation, all the family members should get a corona test done. The caregiver of the child should follow all the rules. Two masks, face shield and gloves etc. should be used. The care of children should be done according to the guidelines. The infected child and the caregiver should be kept separate from other family members.

How can the baby be protected if the mother of the newborn is infected?

A healthy member of the household should take care of the child. A lactating woman can give milk to the baby. If the mother of the newborn is alone in the house, she can breastfeed the child by wearing a double mask. Wash your hands after breastfeeding and sanitize the surrounding area thoroughly. Mother’s milk is essential for the growth and development of the newborn.

The third wave of corona is about to come in the country. So how can children be kept safe?

According to the guidelines issued by the government, the elders of the house should always follow the corona rules. Do not wear masks to children under 2 years of age. Keep children engaged in physical activities inside the house. Members above 18 years of age must get the corona vaccine. Even lactating women can get the corona vaccine. This will make both the child and the woman safe.

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