Coronavirus New Symptoms: Attention! 4 new symptoms of corona now, do not ignore


Coronavirus New Symptoms: Coronav infection (Covid-19 Virus) is not taking name after all attempts. Even after about 10 months, there is no treatment so far, while Coronavirus Latest Update is now becoming more dangerous than before. Experts have recently discovered some new symptoms of corona.

4 unusual symptoms occurred
The National Health Service of Britain has issued guidelines regarding the corona virus. It also mentions 4 unusual symptoms of infected people. In such a situation, you should not ignore these symptoms. According to the new advisory of NHS, these abnormal symptoms may last for one day.

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Eye problem
New advisory experts have also given new symptoms to eye problems. Which includes symptoms such as itching, redness or swelling in the eyes. Surprisingly, these symptoms are rarely seen and people are not paying attention to them. According to experts, some cases cause swelling around the eyes or too much water in the eyes. Experts say that these symptoms are seen in cases of severe infection.

Insensitive and dilemma
According to psychologists, the corona virus is also having a significant effect on the human mind. Such symptoms are seen in patients recovering from corona. The NHS states that symptoms of discomfort and dilemma are felt along with the problem of headache and fatigue.

Frequent cough
As the main symptoms of corona virus include dry cough. Experts say that persistent coughing may be a new sign of the onset of the virus. A survey from the UK found that all patients with corona virus had complained of coughing continuously for about one to four hours.

skin disease
Many patients of corona virus also have skin swelling and rashes. However, the new advisory also mentions changes in skin color. It states that these symptoms have been seen mostly in the youth, who had no complaints before. In some cases foot-like symptoms have also been seen.


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