Coronavirus: Screening expanded at airports, avoid gatherings, says Health Minister

    • A total of 28 novel coronavirus cases have been reported in India so far, the Union Health Ministry said
    • 15 Italian nationals test positive for coronavirus in Jaipur today, confirmed Harsh Vardhan

    As the number of coronavirus cases increase in India, the government decided all the international flights and passengers coming into the country will be screened, said Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. Over 5 lakh people have been screened at airports so far, said Harsh Vardhan.

    A total of 28 novel coronavirus cases have been reported in India, the Union Health Ministry said. 15 Italian nationals tested positive for coronavirus in Jaipur today, confirmed Harsh Vardhan.

    On Monday, Union Health Ministry reported that two more people had tested positive for deadly virus. One of the new cases was detected in the national capital while the other was in Telangana, the government said. “Both were stable and being closely monitored,” Union Health Ministry said. Earlier, three people tested positive for novel virus in Kerala.

    Six relatives of New Delhi man also tested positive for the disease in Agra.

    Rapid response teams will work with different states to curb coronavirus spread. “We have requested all hospitals in Delhi to develop good quality isolation wards, in order to stay prepared if more cases of coronavirus are suspected in the national capital,” said Health Minister today.

    Vardhan also mentioned that basic self-measures can prevent the spread of the coronavirus which killed nearly nearly 3,000 people in China. “Some basic self-preventive measures are as simple as washing your hands and practicing good hygiene,” he said. Vardhan also advised all to avoid large gatherings of people.

    On reports of a steep hike in the price of N95 mask, Harsh Vardhan said that if people are taking advantage of the situation, a mechanism to punish them will be implemented soon.

    In the wake of deadly coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today tweeted that he would stay away from this year’s Holi celebrations.

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    1. I hope the virus is contained before spreading further. While anyone exposed to people who have this virus can be infected, it will be a greater tragedy if it spreads to the cluster of slums in Mumbai. God forbid it does not happen. Dear good Lord, please have mercy on us.


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