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Credit Card Link UPI: Big Update! Some advantages and disadvantages of linking credit card with UPI, see here

Credit Card Link UPI: Until now, you can only transfer money to your UPI from a debit card or bank savings account. Now RBI has allowed credit cards to be linked with UPI. As with anything there are pros and cons, there are some pros and cons to linking credit cards with UPI.

Advantages of Linking Credit Card with UPI

1. Users can transact anywhere, anytime.

2. No need to go to banks and stand in long queues.

3.Various types of transactions including payment to merchants, payment of utility bills like electricity can be done easily using a credit card linked to UPI.

Credit card-UPI linking will definitely increase the convenience of online payments. So far the only funds available through UPI are the ones you get from your bank account through netbanking or debit card. But now users will have the compatibility to make UPI transactions up to the credit limit available on their linked credit card.

As more and more transactions are done through UPI, this tie-up could increase credit card usage. Also incentivize credit card companies to encourage card usage with more lucrative rewards programs and offers.

Making transactions using a UPI-linked credit card is faster than traditional methods. All you need is your credit card number and CVV.


1. Linking your credit card with UPI increases the risk of overspending.

2. Convenience of payment leads to over buying and unnecessary spending. This increases credit card debt.

3.Internet connectivity issues can lead to transaction failures. Using UPI can be challenging in areas with poor internet connectivity. This can affect your ability to make credit card payments on time.

Security measures

People who have linked their credit card with UPI should create a budget and stick to it while using UPI for regular monthly transactions.

If you have multiple credit cards, set aside one credit card only for small expenses like groceries or utility bills.

Before making big expenses, make sure you have a strong repayment plan to avoid racking up debt.

Check your balance regularly and reconcile your expenses.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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