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Deepika Singh was dancing in the strong wind, the small frock made her feel embarrassed, Oops Moment, watch the video

Deepika Singh Oops Moment: Actress Deepika Singh, popularly known as Sandhya Bindani of the TV world, became a victim of Oops Moment while dancing in the open air.

New Delhi: TV’s popular show ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ has ruled the hearts of people for many years. Actress Deepika Singh, who became famous for the role of Sandhya Bindani in this show, is very active on social media. Along with acting, Deepika Singh is also a master in dancing. She shares her dance videos on social media every day. But today we are going to show you one such dance video of her in which the strong wind deceived her and Deepika’s dress flew away (Deepika Singh Oops Moment).

Strong wind betrayed

These days, a video of Deepika Singh from last year is becoming quite viral. In the video, she is seen dancing to the song ‘Ban Ke Titli Dil Uda’ from the film ‘Chennai Express’. But we can see in this video that while dancing her small frock flies in the air and she becomes a victim of oops moment. Watch this video…

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Short frock embarrassed

Wearing a yellow frock, she is seen dancing in the middle of the mountains. While dancing, her frock gets blown away by the wind and the whole matter gets caught on camera. However, the very next moment, Deepika quickly grabs the frock and starts dancing again. In this video, Deepika is wearing a yellow floral dress. This video of Deepika has been viewed millions of times so far.

A post shared by Deepika Singh Goyal (@deepikasingh150)

Trolled for dancing

Remind you that Deepika Singh was trolled during the storm in Mumbai last year. Her dance video made people angry. Actually, where the storm had caused loss of crores, Deepika Singh was dancing while drenched in the rain. People had taken her class fiercely.



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