Dena Bank customers getting new account number, IFSC, old account will be closed from November 29


After the merger of Dena Bank with Bank of Baroda, new account numbers, IFSC and MICR numbers are being issued to customers. In the SMS being sent to Dena Bank customers, it has been told that their account of Dena Bank is being migrated to Bank of Baroda on 28 November. Along with this, a new account number, IFSC code is also being given. It is further written in the SMS that the old account will be closed from November 29. That is, from these days the account holders use their new account number only.

14 digit new account number

Dena Bank’s account number was 12 digits. The new account number is 14 digits. In addition to MSS, information is being sent to customers through email. The work to issue new passbooks to the same customers had already started. According to Bank of Baroda officials, the merger of Dena Bank with Bank of Baroda has been completed. Since October 27, all the works of Dena Bank are being done in Bank of Baroda. Now accounts are being migrated.

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What to do for customers who have not received the message?

Dena Bank customers who have not received the message from the bank, click on amalgamation on the Bank of Baroda website. The same thing can be done by visiting the branch of the nearest bank. Bank of Baroda has made special arrangements to answer customer queries. Explain, Vijaya Bank was merged with Dena Bank in Bank of Baroda in January 2019. After this, Bank of Baroda has become the third largest bank in the country. The new entity, formed after the merger of Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank, will have a turnover of Rs 14.82 lakh crore and will be the third largest bank after SBI and ICICI Bank.



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