Dhanteras 2020: When is 12 or 13 November Dhanteras, what is the auspicious time of shopping, complete information according to the zodiac here


Rashi Ke Anusar Dhanteras 2020 Me Kharidari, Things Not To Buy On Dhanteras, Shubh Muhurat, Date, Time, Puja Timing, Puja Vidhi: Trayodashi is opening on November 12 from 9:30 pm. According to astrology experts, Dhanvantari Jayanti is celebrated on the Trayodashi date of Kartik Krishna Paksha. From Thursday to Friday, November 13, around 6:00 pm, a total of 4 shopping auspicious times are happening. In such a situation, let us know what should be purchased on this day according to the zodiac and what things can be harmful for you to buy …

Actually, the auspicious time of Dhanteras will be from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm on November 12, and from 2:45 am to 5:57 am the next day. At the same time, it is from 5: 59-10: 06 am on Friday and from 11:08 am to 12:51 pm. Apart from this, you can also shop for Dhanteras from 3:38 pm to 5:00 pm.

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Which ones should buy on Dhanteras?

  1. Let me tell you that shopping for gold, silver, electronics, real estate can be auspicious for the people of Aries. However, they should not purchase the vehicle on this day.
  2. The people of Taurus should shop for diamond-silver jewelry and real estate. Apart from this, they can also make a fixed deposit in the bank or can also purchase a vehicle.
  3. Gemini people can buy electronic goods, gold, silver, real estate etc. It will be good for them to buy all these things.
  4. Those with the Cancer zodiac should invest in the stock market, in addition to this they can also buy land property and buy gold and silver jewelery.
  5. Leo people should either make a fixed deposit in the bank or it may be auspicious to invest in the stock market. Not only this, they can also shop for wooden furniture, gold, copper etc.
  6. In addition to the property, electronics items of Virgo, shopping of gold and silver etc. can be done.
  7. Libra people should refrain from purchasing the vehicle, instead they can invest in the stock market or can make a fixed deposit. Apart from this, you can also buy silver.
  8. You can invest in any type of Scorpio sign. Apart from this, he can also invest in the purchase of property and gold and silver.
  9. Sagittarius people. Stock market, electronics, land, property, gold etc. should be purchased. This can be beneficial for them.
  10. Capricorn can buy steel furniture, electronic gadgets, silver, real estate etc.
  11. People of Aquarius will also have to avoid shopping for vehicles. Instead, he can shop for silver. Also, you can take gold or make a fixed deposit in the bank.
  12. People of Pisces have no taboo of any kind. They can do any type of shopping or investment.

Do not buy these goods even after forgetting on Dhanteras

Usually people buy anything in Dhanteras but in many cases it is not pleasant. Let us know what things should not be purchased on the occasion of Dhanteras ….

  • It is believed that the purchase of iron items on Dhanteras cast an ominous shadow of Rahu on the family. Which can increase your problems. There may be an atmosphere of tribulation in the house.
  • One should not buy glass on this day. It is believed that with this Rahu’s vision remains on you, which can increase domestic problems.
  • According to beliefs, one should not shop for steel utensils. Actually it is a form of iron. By purchasing, the shadow of Rahu can disturb you throughout the year. Instead, you can shop for copper or bronze utensils. It will give you benefits in the long run.
  • Black cheese is considered inauspicious in the festival. In such a situation, avoid buying any such material which is black in color, Dhanteras, is called the day of progress and good luck. This is the reason why shopping for black colored things should be avoided on this day.

Extremely auspicious time of worship for 27 minutes

This year, the auspicious auspicious time of Dhanresas worship will be for only 27 minutes. You should worship from 5:32 to 5:59 in the evening. Worshiping during this time will prove to be fruitful. According to religious teachers, if someone donates a lamp, it will be very auspicious.


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