Did the girl named Raksha buy a star in the sky in the name of Sushant? After the news went viral, the defense itself told the truth


22 days have passed since Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. But right now they are alive in the memories of their loved ones. People are paying tribute to him in their own way. In this series, many media reports are claiming that a fan of Sushant has bought Tara in his name. However, there is no truth in this claim which went viral.

Where did Tara purchase news

A fan named US-based Raksha shared a certificate on Twitter on June 29 of the Star Registry. Its caption read, “Sushant was always fond of strings. So I found it perfect to name him a star. I will always be proud that I saw such a beautiful and serious soul. May you always shine brightest.”

The tweet went viral on July 6

Raksha’s tweet went viral on July 6 and several media reports claimed with the disclaimer that the fan had paid the actor a tribute by purchasing Tara in the name of Sushant. The real reason behind this claim is that certificate shared by the Fan Registry.

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According to the certificate, the position of the star that went up is RA22.221. The registration certificate clearly states, “Sushant Singh Rajput’s name has been permanently recorded in the registry vault and all its rights and privileges have been copyrighted with the Star Register.”

Then Fan himself told the truth

When the tweet went viral, Fan clarified the matter and denied that he had not bought any star. Fan wrote in his tweet, “I want to make it clear that I have not bought any star. Because it is not a property that can be bought. However, I believe that as per the website, I will be in his name Was able to name it. I thank everyone. It was just a way of showing my love. ”

And finally why did Tara buy something?

Actually Sushant was very fond of seeing space, moon and stars and galaxy. According to reports, he also bought a piece on the moon, which he used to see from his large telescope. Sushant’s father had told in an interview that to see his piece on the moon, Sushant had bought a telescope of 5.5 million, which was kept in the living room of his house. This is the reason why people liked the fact that they bought the star of Fan.


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