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Disha Patani caught her boyfriend red-handed with a Bollywood actress, both of them were doing such an act

Disha Patani is now counted among the top actresses of Bollywood. Discussions of Disha Patani’s beauty are in the social media. Disha Patani spends most of her time on social media. Recently, actress Disha is dating famous actor Tiger Shroff. Disha Patani often makes hot photos and videos viral on social media. Today we are going to tell you an anecdote related to Disha Patani which you will hardly know..Let’s know the whole matter..

It is about those days when Disha Patani was struggling to get into Bollywood. At that time her boyfriend used to be TV actor Parth Samthaan. Both loved each other very much. But this relationship lasted for some time and soon this relationship broke up.

Disha Patani and her boyfriend took part in a contest. In the meantime, both of them had met. Both started dating each other.

Disha Patani and Parth had a sudden breakup. It is said that during an interview, Disha told that she had caught Parth not once but twice with another girl red-handed. After this Disha ended this relationship. Disha told that after the breakup she was broken from inside.



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