Diwali 2020: Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali this time, brighten every corner of the house


Diwali 2020: Diwali is the festival of lamps, which is celebrated with great pomp in India. In this festival, people illuminate the whole atmosphere with the light of firecrackers and lamps and share their happiness among themselves. However, keeping this festival, we should also take full care of the environment. Every year on Diwali, crackers, chemical products, plastic etc. are used extensively, causing huge damage to the environment. During this time the level of air and noise pollution increases. Therefore, keeping in mind the environment and health, we should celebrate pollution free Diwali. So, let us move towards celebrating eco-friendly or eco-friendly Diwali. Keeping in mind the following things, we can celebrate eco-friendly Diwali and add four moons to our happiness.

Use of lamps in the soil.
instead of using electric lights for the Diwali using lamps of clay lighted house. The clay lamps you use will not only protect the environment from damage, but also help the potters and small traders. Electricity will also be saved by using clay lamps.

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In view of the increasing pollution, we should use eco-friendly idols for worshiping. Statues made of clay do not harm the environment and are completely mixed with the soil over time. At the same time, the plaster of Paris idols are not destroyed, which not only damages the environment but also hurts your spirit wherever they are thrown. For worship, eco-friendly idols of Lakshmi, Ganesh and Kubera are easily found.

Avoid strong explosions and high smoke.
Do not use strong explosions and excessive smoke. This causes noise pollution and fumes to spread in the atmosphere, which is very harmful to the environment. It takes a long time for the environment to come back to its former state. Apart from this, the lives of these elders and asthma and heart patients can be lost. So avoid firecrackers and if you have to leave firecrackers then use sparklers and small, low noise and smoke crackers.

Do not use chemical dyes in Rangoli.

Making Rangoli at home in Diwali is considered auspicious, so Rangoli is made in almost every house in India. Many types of colors are used to make Rangoli. These colors are mostly chemical ones. They are harmful to your health. So this Diwali make a distance from such colors and instead buy natural colors and make a rangoli from it.

Use diyas made from cow dung
Nowadays there are diyas made from cow dung, which are beneficial for the environment. These diyas are made by adding ghee and essential oil to the cow dung, which also contains a mixture of products like lemon grass and mint.

eco friendly candles.
eco-friendly candles in the market are also available, which does not damage any kind of environment. So this time use eco-friendly candles in your Diwali and light up every corner of the house.

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