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DL: Getting a driving license is easy now .. everything from March online ..!

Usually not just a driver’s license. However, many services of this department have already been made online. But online services are only available in a few states. However, from March, many transport services will be available almost online in all states across the country. The Central Road and Transport Department has recently taken a decision to this effect.

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So far, up to 90 per cent of ARTO services have been provided online in states like UP, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Haryana and Delhi. People went to the transport department offices only for driving tests and vehicle fitness tests.

This has been the case so far in the states mentioned above. But from the month of March, Artivo services will be available online in all states across the country. This means that motorists have to go to the Department of Transport offices only for their driving license test and vehicle fitness test. All other tasks are completed online.

Motorists no longer have to wait for hours for an application at the Department of Transportation office if they want a driving license. You can apply for it online. After uploading all the relevant documents online, all you have to do is go to the office on the scheduled date and attend the test, and the driving license will come easily.

Similarly, almost all work can be done online. So far, Artivo Online services are only available in selected states. But from March, online services will be available at Artivo offices in all states.



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