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Dolly Javed beats Urfi Javed in bo*ldness, climbed on this person’s lap and shared private photos

Bo*ld Photos: Urfi Javed’s sisters are also no less than anyone in terms of bo*ldness and hotness. Like Urfi, her sisters are also very active on social media and raise the temperature of the internet by sharing more than one pictures. At the same time, recently, Dolly Javed shared some such pictures of outing on social media in which she is sitting on someone’s lap. See these pictures of Dolly Javed.

Like Dolly Javed Urfi, she is quite bo*ld in the matter of clothes. But recently the pictures shared by Dolly are becoming increasingly viral.

In these pictures, Dolly is seen sitting in the restaurant with her friends. But there is a person who is seen hiding her face in most of the pictures.

One of these pictures is such a picture in which Dolly is sitting on the lap of this person climbing on top of her feet. This person is hiding her face as soon as she sees the camera.

Dolly inside the restaurant has shared many pictures in which she is looking beautiful.

In these pictures, Dolly is wearing a light green top with brown colored jeans and her hair is open.

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