Download Aadhaar Card easily in the phone, there will be no need for hard copy!


Now you can download your Aadhar card on your smartphone. For that, you should have some information … Let’s know how to download Aadhaar on the phone …

Aadhaar card has become an important document to date. Many essential services related to the government are difficult to get without Aadhaar. Today we need it for something. Many times we forget the Aadhaar card at home and when going out on the way, we have to face trouble when we feel the need for the Aadhaar card. So now this digital age has solved this problem of yours. Now you can download your Aadhar card on your smartphone. You should have some information for that.

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If you are under the illusion that the download Aadhar card will not be valid. Only print will be valid. So it is not like that at all. The Unique Identification Number (UID) has clearly stated that the downloaded Aadhaar card is safe. It has the same value as the printed Aadhaar card.

Know how to download Aadhar card, you should know all the things about your Aadhaar . To download, first you have to visit the official website >>

Here you have to enter your Aadhar card number. After this you have to fill the captcha. After which an OTP will come in your registered mobile number.

>> After answering some questions, you have to click on Verify and download. In this way your Aadhaar card will be downloaded. Then you can open it with a password.

>> To open it, the password is something like this. You too remember this. May be needed anytime. Its password is in your name 4 letter capital letter followed by the year of birth. In this way your Aadhar card will be opened.


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