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Driving License and RC get renewed immediately, otherwise a fine of 5000 will have to be paid

Under the new motor vehicle rules, a driver of a car or two-wheeler who does not have a valid license or whose DL is found to have expired can be fined Rs 5,000.

New Delhi: Due to the lockdown in the midst of the outbreak of Covid-19, the central government had given relaxation in transport rules till 31 December this year. For this reason, the Transport Department did not take any action on vehicles with invalid driving licenses, RCs and fitness certificates since March 2020. However, action will be taken against those holding illegal licenses from December 31 onwards. So, if the validity of your license and RC has expired, renew them before the new year, otherwise the problems of those driving the vehicle may increase.

Video on How to apply for Driving License online

Under the new motor vehicle rules, which impose a fine of Rs 5,000 on unlicensed drivers, if the driver of a car or two-wheeler does not have a valid license or their DL ( Driving License ) has expired, they could be fined Rs 5,000 if caught. According to information received from the Department of Transportation, drivers will face difficulties if the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways does not extend the relaxation in traffic rules after December 31.

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In this way, DL and RC will be renewed.

If you want to renew your DL and RC, then for this you have to visit the official website of the Transport Department on After this, you have to click on the option of driving license service on the site. On clicking this, you will be asked the details of DL number. After filling it, you will have to upload the required documents and then go to the nearest RTO office and pay to book the slot. Your biometric details will be examined at RTO office and your documents will be verified. After this, your license will be renewed. Please tell that you can renew your RC in the same way.


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  1. I have applied for duplicate RC in Aug 2920 , As per the gov site all actions are complete but the RC has not been made and is pending . This is in respect car registration number DL9CAA5842 . The application number is —DL200804X1168888 dated 04 Aug 2020 .

  2. I have complained to get my 4 wheeler NOC to make RC, but still I have not received it, it’s been around 5 years since I have applied for NOC in the bank, but not yet received. What can I do for it??

  3. My RC was expired in Jan 2020. Want to renew, can I have to pay fine? Pls confirm.
    It’s private number Maruti OMNI from Muzaffarpur, Bihar RTO.

  4. My Driving License has been Expired in 2018 December can i renew this and how much fine will pay kindly revert back

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