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Driving License Update: With the help of Aadhaar, you will be able to get a learning driving license from home, you will get rid of the rounds of RTO

Driving License Update: You will not have to visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the states for getting new learning driving license, temporary vehicle registration etc. It will now be possible to do all these things sitting at home. The central government is going to make a total of 16 facilities in the transport sector online. The consumer has to authenticate his Aadhaar card number on the government portal.

In this regard, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has sought suggestions and objections from all the states on January 29 in 15 days. After this, the new rule will be implemented by next month i.e. February. The new rule mentions the authentication of Aadhaar card number on the government portal and starting 16 facilities in the transport sector online.

A senior official said that in view of the corona epidemic, the functioning of the transport sector is being made contactless. This mainly includes new learning driving license, renewal, duplicate DL, change of address in DL and vehicle registration certificate, international driving permit, temporary vehicle registration, NOC for registration, duplicate registration certificate, vehicle transfer etc. The official said that with Aadhaar authentication, many types of documents will not be required for DL ​​and vehicle registration. This will bring transparency in the functioning of RTOs in states. The Ministry of Information Technology has been approved to make the said offices online.

Fake of driving license will stop

The new system of online Aadhaar card will prevent the fraud of a person from different states to get multiple driving licenses. At the same time, the racket of registration of stolen vehicles in another state will be closed. The Ministry has stated that Aadhaar will be adopted as an alternative document for authentication.

  1. Driving licence renewal should be made online from anywhere in the country. It is very difficult to travel to the place where licence was issued in view of the pandemic


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