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Drug addict did a shameful act among the passengers in the flight, whoever saw it closed its eyes!

Shocking moment: A drug addict created a ruckus while traveling from London to Greece. Due to which all the passengers sitting in the flight had to face delay of several hours.

Shocking moment: Sometimes we encounter such strange incidents, which are not forgotten. A similar situation has been faced by passengers on a flight going from London Stansted Airport to Greece on 3 May. A drunken passenger created a ruckus on the flight. Let us tell you about this whole incident. A video of this incident is also becoming increasingly viral on social media.

The accused created a ruckus in the entire flight

A passenger present in the flight has shared the video of this entire incident without revealing his identity. In which the accused is shown being taken down the aisle of the flight by the Greek police. The accused was inclined 90-degrees and could not even lift it. He was so drunk that he could hardly stand.

The accused was drunk

Now let me tell you about the whole matter. The accused and his brother had boarded the flight to Greece with their mother. During this, the accused drank so much alcohol that he could not feel his senses. He was unable to stand on his feet. Meanwhile, he felt the need of the toilet but he was unable to even go to the toilet. Somehow, with the help of his brother, he reached the toilet but the toilet was being used by someone else.

Urinated outside the toilet

Meanwhile, the accused urinated outside the toilet itself. On this act of his, his brother started beating the accused. There was a fierce scuffle between the two. In the middle of the sky, there was a fierce fight between the two. The pilot of Jet-2 was forced to divert the flight to Corfu to get the brothers off the plane.

Airline imposed life ban

Due to this incident, more than 200 passengers were delayed by more than three hours and 45 minutes. Jet-2 issued a statement about the incident on its website last month. It was said that both the brothers have been banned for life on Jet-2 flight. Hefty fines have also been imposed on both the brothers.

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