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Home Entertainment During Jaimala, the bride danced with a bang, the groom stood shy...

During Jaimala, the bride danced with a bang, the groom stood shy away – watch video


Bride Groom Video: In this video it can be seen how a bride starts dancing on stage during Jayamala. While the groom blushes seeing her.

Bride Groom Video: Videos related to marriage on social media attract a lot of attention. Sometimes the dance videos of the bride and groom and sometimes the funny style of the wedding processions are seen. Now again a wedding video is going viral on social media, in which a bride suddenly starts dancing on the stage. But the groom keeps shying away while standing. People are liking this style of bride and groom in the video. Netizens are reacting fiercely to the video.

Bride’s style went viral

In this video going viral, it can be seen that during Jayamala, the bride is doing a bang dance on the stage. She is danced continuously. But the groom standing far away keeps on shying on the stage. He just keeps looking at the bride. All the guests are also stunned by this cheerful style of the bride.

Wedding video went viral

This video of the bride and groom is uploaded on the Instagram account named witty_wedding. The caption read: ‘When the groom is very shy and the bride is not so shy.’ One user wrote, ‘The bride is very energetic.’ Another person writes, ‘Man how wonderful.’

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