E-passport will be equipped with great features, verification will be 10 times faster


The e-passport will be equipped with Must Level Security. There will be no tampering in this, even if it happens, it will be caught immediately. The personal information of the passport will be stored in the chip.

New Delhi: Soon e-passports will start being made in the country. On Passport Seva Divas, External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar had said that “The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) plans to further simplify passport making rules and procedures using modern technology”.

The Indian government is increasingly working on electronic passports. This will speed up the process of passport verification 10 times. It will also be equipped with many great features. The quality of the paper in the passport and printing on it will also be better. Advanced security feature will be given in it.

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The National Informatics Center and IIT Kanpur are working together for the creation of e-passports. Printing and assembling of passports will be done at the Indian Security Press Nashik.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also announced that at the
Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that our Embassy and Consulate are being connected to the Passport Seva Project across the world. Not only this, but a step forward, work is also going on to issue chip-based e-passports.

What is e-passport

The specialty of this passport will be that all the information of the passport holder will be verified electronically. This e-chip passport will contain all the information that is present on the first page of the passport.

Preparation is also done for biometric passport

There are also reports that passports will also become fully biometric in the coming days. A passport with biometric features will have your finger print to eye identification. This facility is present in the Aadhar card. Once the passport is biometric, it will be almost impossible to break into the security.

Many countries of the world already have biometric passports. In countries like Germany and Italy, biometric passport facility is already available.

Other key features of e-passport

  • There will be covers on both sides of the e-passport.
  • A small silicon chip can also be given in the back cover.
  • This chip will be smaller than the size postage stamp and it will have a rectangular antenna.
  • The chip will have a memory space of 64 kilobytes, in which the passport holder’s photograph and fingerprints will be stored.
  • The chip will have the ability to store information for 30 visits.


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