Eat as much as you want … that too without paying the bill, know about the new-age restaurant …


There is a ‘Seva Café’ restaurant in Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad) in Gujarat, which operates on the Gift Economy model. In this restaurant, you can eat as much food as you like, but you can bill according to your choice.

You will not believe that there is such a restaurant in the country, where you can enjoy different kinds of dishes by ordering food from the menu just like a normal restaurant for free. When you come to give the bill, an Empty Envelope is placed on your table. There is no food bill in this envelope, instead someone has already paid the food bill in your name. Now you too have to pay according to your wish to someone else in this gift. Think that in today’s era, where many types of tricks are used to earn profits, a restaurant is giving such facilities to the people. ‘Seva Cafe’ (Seva Café) in Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad, is similarly feeding people. For the last 11 years, this restaurant has been running on the gift economy. Eat as much food as you like in this restaurant,

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In ‘Seva Kaifa’, people come with a sense of service, in
today’s time a man likes restaurant business because he has to earn profit. However, Seva Cafe is a different type of restaurant, where seva bhaav is considered religion. For the last 11 years, this cafe has been running on the gift economy. If you are wondering what is this gift economy, then tell you that in a gift economy you do not have to pay the bill after eating food, because someone has already paid your bill. Now you also have to make a gift for any other customer according to your choice. You can gift the cafe as much as you like. This chain has been running like this for the last several years.

The Cafe is run by an NGO.

This cafe is run by Manav Sadan and Swachh Seva Sadan NGO. For the past 11 years, this cafe follows a pay-forward method or gift economy model. This cafe is open from 7 am to 10 pm from Thursday to Sunday or until 50 guests are completed. Income and expenses are calculated at the end of the month. The income generated at the end of the month goes to the charity’s fund.

Restaurant runs with the help of Volunteer
Let me tell you that this cafe runs completely with the help of Volunteer. From students to professionals, even tourists also work for free in this cafe. If you want to volunteer here, you can show your skills in this cafe. If you are fond of cooking then you can do cooking. If you want to serve food then you can serve food. If you know how to wash the dishes well then you can also wash the dishes. The manager of Seva Cafe says, “Seva Cafe is an idea where Volunteers come and guests feed people with the spirit of Devo Bhava. Atithi Devo Bhava: Nothing can be judged for the value of food fed with emotion.

It is indeed strange to have such a restaurant in the country in this era of inflation. If you want to go to the service cafe and enjoy the service, then you can visit this cafe located in front of the Municipal Market on CG Highway Road, Ahmedabad. You will get so many guests in this cafe that you will not be able to control your pocket. The discussion of the guest Nawaji of this cafe has started in the whole country.


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