Electricity Bill: took 45 days reading and 30 days consumption showing on electricity bill


Electricity Bill: Central Region Electricity Distribution Company has cheated consumers another. After 45 days, meter reading is being done in the consumers, but only 30 days consumption is being printed on the bill. The grievance done by the company in the bills is causing resentment among the residents of Gwalior. The consumer has been charged from 251 to 515 rupees. In this case, on an average the company gets an additional 200 rupees from a consumer, then the company will gain 5 crores.

The Electricity Regulatory Commission has laid down rules regarding billing. Under this, the consumer will be billed for 30 days of consumption. If a bill is paid more than this, it will be considered illegal, but the electricity company did not distribute the bill in August to replace its reading cycle. Started taking meter reading in the first week of September, delaying the reading 15 to 20 days. Now the bill of reading of 45 to 50 days is coming in the hands of the consumer. One and a half times more bill than last month.

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Consumers are reaching the office of the power company complaining of high bills, but they are being postponed saying that you have got the right consumption bill. Our computer has divided your consumption. People have to return disappointed. In this regard, contact was also made on the phone to know the favor of Sanchalak Special Garhpale, managing Central Region Power Distribution Company. Sent the message too, but received no reply.

Please defaulter, ‘current’ to the believers

– Government is showing favor to the defaulters. It is claiming that relief has been given in the public’s bills, but it has been compensated by paying bill of consumption for 45 days. If we look at the agitation of the consumers of the entire region, then this amount will reach in crores of rupees.

– In 2018, before the assembly elections, 200 crore rupees were waived by the defaulters in the city. Now in view of the by-elections, the consumers with 1000 watt load stopped the recovery of arrears. The company continues to favor the defaulters, but honest consumers are being robbed by making false readings.

– The number of domestic and non-domestic consumers in the city is more than 2.56 lakhs. Consumers consuming between 200 and 300 units are more vulnerable. 60 percent consumers have received bills.

Understand these problems due to these cases

The economic condition of the people in the Corona period was not well in advance. In such a situation, the power company has put additional burden on them. Understand the consumer’s agony with these cases

Case-1: New market resident Vivek Limaye has been billed for 46 days reading, but only 30 days consumption has been printed on the bill. The company has printed and hidden its fake 30 days, so that no one can legally challenge. They should have met on 1 September, but on 15 September.

Case-2: CP Singh, resident of City Center Krishna Vihar, has been given a 47-day bill, but only a 30-day reading has been printed on the bill. They should have received the bill on 26 August, but on 10 September.

A look at electricity tariff

Unit Slab – Rate

50 – 4.05

51-150 4.95

151-300 6.30

6.50 above 300

(Note – These are electricity rates. Fix charge, government tax, fuel charge, meter fare are added separately. On a 400 unit, Rs 675 has to be charged for fix charge and Rs 267.)

Consumer has this option of complaint

– If the company gives the wrong bill, then the Electricity Regulatory Commission has set up a Electricity Grievance Redressal Forum in Chandbad Bhopal. Consumers can send complaints through post.

– Remedy app has also been provided for complaints of electricity bills. One can also complain about the bill at the call center number in Bhopal.

– Receiving written complaint in the zone will have to be taken. After this, cases can be filed in the District Consumer Forum and Grievance Redressal Forum.

Some consumers had 45-day bills. After getting the information I have stopped the consumption bills for 45 days. Consumers will get 30-day consumption bills. If a consumer has received a bill for 45 days, then inform me of that. – Pradyuman Singh Tomar, Energy Minister

There is a rule to bill 30 days consumption. If you have billed more days of consumption, then it should get the benefit of slab of tariff on pro data basis. If a bill of 45 days reading has been given in Gwalior, then he should give the benefit of slab even on 15 days reading. For this, consumers can complain to the Electricity Grievance Redressal Forum. – Rajiv Agarwal, Chairman Electricity Grievance Redressal Forum Bhopal

I too have been billed for 46 days. This has increased the reading considerably, but the bill has a 30-day print. This has been manipulated by a consumer who cannot challenge in the Forum and the Electricity Grievance Redressal Forum. – KK Sharma, Advocate Resident City Center


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